Layout and Block Design

The site of AFNHB Housing Complex in Jalandhar is a triangular plot with approach road at front. Keeping in view the shape of the site, the units have been planned parallel to the road. The housing scheme has 154 units in two different categories, Officers Flats (Type - A) - 106, Airmen's/ Sailor's Flats (Type - B) - 48 and Community center and swimming pool along with all ancillary services.

The housing flats have been planned in two different blocks with basement, stilt plus nine floors in Officers flats and stilt plus eight floors in Airmen's/ Sailor's Flats. The blocks are planned with units placed around a central green area and surrounded by a peripheral road. The basement and stilt floor is being used parking.

Each block is planned as an independent tower with two lifts (one is an eight passengers and the other thirteen passengers), two stair-cases, fire fighting shafts, water supply and sewage system. Each flat is open from at-least three sides thus ensuring ample cross ventilation and natural light.